23 January, 2011



Has everyone seen the article that devoured the Living section of the Democrat & Chronicle this past Sunday? Karen Miltner, staff writer, composed a mind-blowing article about Greentopia. The article, which spans five pages online, introduces Greentopia Festival with finesse. Greentopia is then broken down and explained in depth.

The hardworking members of the Greentopia Steering Committee believe that there is a market for a green festival in Rochester. Greentopia will be much more far reaching than any home and garden or green business trade show. Events and activities will cater to many different audiences.

Businesses will be screened by the steering committee to see how environmentally friendly they are – there will be no “greenwashing” at this festival! Even the festival itself will be very conscious of its own carbon footprint, hoping to set a new standard for all local and regional festivals.

The High Falls area of Rochester has a natural unique quality to it. Greentopia hopes to bring out the existing beauty as well as emphasize its individuality. This gentle environment is often looked over and bypassed without a second thought. Greentopia is a stepping stone to creating the GardenAerial; a project similar to the very sucessful High Line in New York City. The above-ground linear park will be another way to showcase the High Falls along with creating a new attraction for Rochester area residents and tourists.

Greentopia will be the first large-scale green festival held in the Greater Rochester area.

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