17 January, 2011



30 years ago, my parents, both from the Bronx, were looking to escape the high prices, crowded spaces and family un-friendly environment that New York City revels in. Influenced by the American Dream, they bought bigger cars, moved to Hamilton, New Jersey and bought a 3 bedroom home in a cookie cutter neighborhood, surrounded by others just like themselves: looking to own their own piece of privacy and comfort.

30 years later, Generation Y (mid 1970s – early 2000s) is approaching an age ready to make a move to a different kind of place. One they can walk to.

As featured in an article entitled: No McMansions for Millenials, S. Mitra Kalita and Robbie Whelan of discuss the distaste generation Y has for their parents style of living and their desire for ease of access and walkability.

An astounding 88% of Generation Y’s surveyed said they prefer to be in an urban setting. With the restrictive costs of major urban spaces, suburban spaces will need to adapt to attract homebuyers. Smaller spaces, room for entertainment and the desire for technology to be everywhere will drive the home sales of the future.

They don’t want to be in a cookie-cutter type of development. …The suburbs will need to evolve to be attractive to Gen Y.

- Melina Duggal (RCLCO)

Last week, the National Association of Home Builders held their annual conference and had a major focus on this new trend of simple, walkable, green living.

All we can hope for is a legitimate recognition of this trend and a move towards more planned, sustainable, walker-friendly communities.

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