Innovative and fun, Greentopia is Rochester.

About Greentopia
The Greentopia Festival is Rochester’s and the Finger Lakes’ celebration of the green movement sweeping around the globe. The two-day, interactive fest in historic High Falls will reveal what the region is doing to help the environment – and envision a greener Rochester of the future.

Think of Greentopia as a walk-through of a totally sustainable Rochester. We’ve already begun this walk by exploring healthier ways of living, as individuals and as a community. In social, economic and environmental ways, we’ve made the decision to go green.

Businesses and organizations will showcase products and programs that help restore the planet, promote green living – even save consumers some money. Greentopia is a festival of ideas that empowers everybody to create positive change on the planet we call home.

Join us at Rochester’s sustainability celebration to explore green living, Rochester style. It’s a two-day “World’s Fair” of inspiration through art, music, ideas and activism. You’ll hear visionary speakers and meet well-known authors. Through how-to workshops and cutting-edge films, you’ll learn about big green ideas and how to apply them creatively in everyday life. There will be unusual family activities, community recycled art installations, mouthwatering organic and local food and beverages, and all kinds of live music.

At Greentopia, expect to have a lot of fun, learn a few things and become inspired to make changes that really make a difference in the environment. (You might be surprised how going green helps your wallet, too.)

The Greentopia Festival, at a glance:

It’s the first large-scale green festival ever held in Greater Rochester.

Every exhibitor will be screened for a commitment to sustainable business practices using green business standards developed by Green America and our local steering committee.

Greentopia will provide incentives for participants using greener modes of transportation.

Everything that can be recycled at the festival will be recycled. Every plate, fork, spoon, knife, cup, bowl, napkin, coffee stirrer and sample cup will be 100% compostable. And all food scraps will be collected and composted.

All Greentopia collateral will be made with recycled and/or earth-friendly materials.

Every event sign will be designed with reuse in mind. Each piece will be made from environmentally friendly materials.