Working together to make it happen.


Michael Philipson
President of Philipson Group, Michael Philipson has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and traditional graphic and web design. He sees innovation and collaboration as vital to the continued renaissance of downtown Rochester. He hopes that The Greentopia Festival will take it’s place as one of Rochester’s signature yearly events and provide the catalyst for all area residents to LIVE GREEN. SAVE GREEN.
Lewis Stess
Lewis, principal at the Philipson Group, has more than 10 years of experience in marketing communications. He also has extensive experience in event planning and working with non-profit organizations. Lewis enjoys the outdoors and sees a great opportunity for Rochester to evolve into a green city.

The Steering Committee

Members of the Greentopia Steering Committee have worked together to bring awareness of the green movement to Greater Rochester. The time and efforts of this diverse group are proving priceless for the success of the festival.

Laurie Broccolo
As the owner of Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, Laurie works one-on-one with the outdoors. She has professional experience in entrepreneurship, networking and marketing. Laurie has long been a proponent of green living; joining the Greentopia Steering Committee has brought her one step closer to ensuring a green lifestyle for those around her.
John Cake
John is vice president of Hunt Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors. He has professional experience as an architect and a manager. John sees the beauty of Rochester and believes a more sustainable community will add to the attractiveness.
Margie Campaigne
Margie is an eco-consultant at Green Irene and has professional experience in environmental education. A member of the Sierra Club, Margie has served on its Executive Committee and worked on veggie biodiversity and global warming projects.
Sharon Coates
Vice president of Zaretsky and Associates, Sharon enjoys the Rochester area because of its natural beauty and sees its potential. She believes that working together to create a more green community will revitalize Rochester.
Jim Farr
As assistant director of Recreation for the city of Rochester, Jim is very familiar with the city. He understands its needs as well as the growing need to go green. He sees green efforts as an opportunity for Rochester to stand out among other cities its size.
Greg Frank
Greg is vice president of Ted Collins Associates Ltd. He holds a great interest in green education. Educating the community about ways to create a more sustainable Rochester is one of the first steps to going green together.
Jon Haliniak
Jon has spent eight years as the creative director at WXXI Public Broadcasting. He has always been in media on the creative side. Jon understands the power of community and fundraising for a great cause.
Heather Halstead
Heather Halstead, Marketing Manager for EnerPath, has spent five years in Marketing and Public Relations in Rochester, NY. Prior to crossing into PR she spent several years in broadcast news, first at WHEC in Rochester and then at NBC News, based in their Charlotte, NC studio. At NBC she worked as a National News Writer and National Assignment Desk Manager while freelancing for ESPN University and working in Lowe’s production studios. Heather is a proud new member of the Rochester Rotary.
Tom Johnston
Tom, who owns Colors and Colors, enjoys the outdoors. He has great interest in the green revolution and sees great potential for Rochester to become the next up-and-coming green city.
Jenna Knauf
Jenna, owner of Bella Weddings & Events, has 10 years’ experience in event management and in bar and restaurant management. She has served as the logistics and event coordinator for large-scale events, such as the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, the Alexander Street Festivals in Rochester and the Paetec Jazz Festival in Baltimore. She is enthusiastic that Greentopia will be the next big festival in Rochester with an excellent mission.
Laura Kroening
Laura, membership director for the Carlson MetroCenter YMCA, has extensive experience in customer service, volunteer coordination and outdoor events. She has worked with many non-profit organizations. She sees a need for Rochester to start going green; as it becomes more sustainable, Greater Rochester will benefit greatly in many ways.
Lee Loomis
Lee is the Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities Coordinator for businesses. He has worked toward environmental protection through education and collaboration. Lee sees the benefits of working together to create a more sustainable community.
Ryan Loysen
Ryan is the recreational and environmental education coordinator for the Monroe County Parks Department. He works directly with the parks and sees the beauty of the Rochester area. Creating a more sustainable community will bring out the natural beauty of our surroundings.
Michael Marchand
Michael Marchand is a downtown Rochester resident and graduate of the Syracuse University School of Architecture program. Originally raised in suburban Fairport, he moved to his Gibbs Street apartment to enjoy the urban environment of the city. He came into contact with the Philipson Group after their presentation of The Garden Aerial Project to the Rochester Chapter of American Institute of Architects, and decided that it would be an excellent way to seize upon the great the potential he saw in the city of Rochester.
Jenna Meyers
Jenna is an interior designer for Hunt Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors. She also enjoys event planning. Jenna is a LEED AP, an internationally recognized green certification system. She continually works toward a more sustainable Rochester community.
Jane Milliman
For nearly 15 years, Jane has been publisher of the Upstate Gardeners’ Journal. She has served as the gardening columnist for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle for nearly 14 years. Jane enjoys the outdoors and regularly participates in efforts for to go green.
Ken Morgan
Ken is an interior designer at Hunt Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors. He is a LEED AP and enjoys event planning. Ken has always had an interest in gardening and landscaping as well. He knows the potential of Rochester and sees a more sustainable future ahead.
Sally Parker
Sally has had an interest in the environment and the outdoors since she was a kid in the ’70s. (“Give a hoot. Don’t pollute!”) She is special projects editor at Rochester Business Journal and has volunteered for Genesee Land Trust, Rochester Civic Garden Center, Flower City Habitat for Humanity and the city’s Clean Sweep.
Sean Phelan
Sean is vice president of Rochester Downtown Development Corp. He is dedicated to creating a sustainable Rochester. Sean is enthusiastic about the process of moving forward toward a greener future.
Vince Press
Vince is the public and media relations manager at Bergmann Associates. He has extensive professional experience in the fields of PR, media relations, marketing and branding. Vince enjoys the festival atmosphere as well as the cause. Being green is important to the Rochester brand.
John Richardson
John is executive director of 360 | 365 Film Festival in Rochester. He previously was director of public affairs at Eastman Kodak Co. John enjoys the Rochester community and sees great potential.
Haley Rotter
Haley is the residential Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities coordinator for the Center for Environmental Information. She also is a member of NYSERDA residential energy efficiency programs and believes a greener Rochester is a greater Rochester.
Jon Schull
Director of the Center for Student Innovation at Rochester Institute of Technology, John enjoys educating and inventing. He also is an experienced entrepreneur. An advocate of bicycles, he sees great value in going green. Jon enjoys the outdoors and nature.
Liesel Schwarz
Liesel is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in sustainability. She has been a student sustainability coordinator of dining for more than two years and is now the managing student. She previously was co-president of Grassroots, the environmental club on campus. Liesel has worked on and completed several projects and events involving students, faculty, staff and administrators.
Erin Shannon
Erin is the Marketing Coordinator at SWBR Architects. She has over eight years professional experience in the fields of news media, marketing and public relations. Erin is enthusiastic about being a part of the Greentopia movement, and building a greener, more sustainable community.
Meredith Smith
As director of state and local government relations at Rochester Institute of Technology, Meredith has dealt extensively with the government. She also worked as a lawyer and law clerk. Meredith is especially interested in educating the public on ways to go green.
Michelle Sommerman
Michelle is a mechanical engineer at Bergmann Associates. She formerly was on the programming committee of the US6BC Upstate New York. She is educated in the fields of sustainability and building techniques.
George Thomas
George is executive director of the Center for Environmental Information. He has professional experience with environmental sustainability programs. He understands the need for education and the implementation of sustainability efforts.
Michael Warren Thomas
Michael is a horticulturalist for the city of Rochester and is self-employed as host of “Naturally Green,” a radio show on WYSL-AM. He has worked as a natural lawn care innovator and was a landscape designer for 10 years. Michael enjoys the outdoors and green living.
Rodregus Tripp
Rodregus Tripp is employed at Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care and currently working on a grant for the winter with The city Of Rochester recreation dept to help connect the community to the outdoor environment. As a volunteer and a proponent of community interaction, Rod ties in his knowledge of nature and landscaping to help engage schools, students and teachers to be active, get your hands dirty and be connected to the green world around you. Greentopia’s family committee is a perfect fit for Rod to bring use talents for inspiring attendance and involvement in the 2011 Sept kickoff festival.